Student information-(statement of purpose)

  • Personal Introduction
  • Academic Background and Work Experience (if any)
  • Explanation of Educational Gaps (if any)
  • Reasons not undertaking the study in the home country if a similar course is available what research have you undertaken to find out the study options in Australia ?reasons of choosing Australia over other countries
  • Have you researched similar courses in other universities in Australia ?what aspects have you compared when choosing this university over other universities?
  • Briefly explain the courses structure and contents of your proposed courses. How relevant is your proposed courses of study to your previous education/employment history? If not , why did you change the area of study and what benefit is it?
  • Explain how your proposed courses will assist you in achieving your future career goal ( Expected salary and job prospects in your home country after completion of your proposed courses
  • Who will sponsor for your study in Australia?
  • Conclusion